Arterial Doppler

Peripheral Arterial Doppler

Vascular studies are non-invasive tests used to evaluate for the presence and severity of peripheral vascular disease. Lake Area Cardiology offers carotid, leg arterial and leg venous dopplers.

Peripheral vascular disease results from the build up of plaque, containing cholesterol, blood products and calcium, within the inner walls of blood vessels. If these plaques become severe enough, obstruction of blood flow results.


Vascular studies are usually performed by a trained technician using a combination of color flow ultrasound and doppler data.

Duplex ultrasound uses sound waves emitted from a small probe on the skin surface to visualize major arteries in the body and the blood flow within them. Very high flow velocities of blood within the artery may suggest significant blockages that often require further evaluation with a catheterization procedure, such as a peripheral angiogram.