Venous Doppler


Venous Doppler

Vascular studies are non-invasive tests used to evaluate for the presence and severity of peripheral vascular disease. Lake Area Cardiology offers carotid, leg arterial and leg venous dopplers.

Peripheral vascular disease leg includes varicose veins and venous insufficiency. The lower legs have a vast supply of veins. Over time and due to multiple other factors, the vein do a poor job of returning blood to the heart. Symptoms such as fatigue, leg heaviness, leg cramps or pain, and numbness can occur due to vein abnormalities.

​In addition, veins are capable of forming clots in certain situations. These clots are also sometimes referred to DVTs.


Vascular studies are usually performed by a trained technician using a combination of ultrasound with color flow and doppler.

Duplex ultrasound uses sound waves emitted from a small probe on the skin surface to visualize major vessels in the body and the blood flow within them.

​Doppler studies are usually resulted within 5-7 business days.  Further procedures such as vein ablation or IVC filters may be recommended.